ACC prepares for Degree Map rollout; faculty/staff training planned

Austin Community College is preparing for a collegewide rollout of the Degree Map online planning tool in time for spring 2015 registration.

Degree Map is a web-based application that makes it easier for students to chart their education goals, plan class schedules, track progress toward completion, and remain better informed about degree requirements, time involved, and costs. Austin-based Civitas Learning developed the application in partnership with ACC and other colleges and universities.

“Degree Map is an important tool for helping the college increase student success and completion rates,” says Dr. Virginia Fraire, Pinnacle Campus Student Services dean, who also oversees advising processes. “We are using technology to support new advising approaches while providing students with relevant and timely information on their academic path.”

The new version of the tool features an enhanced user interface and includes analytics that let students and advisors see course combinations that are more likely to support or impede a student’s success.

“Degree Map lays the foundation for better planning – students can visually see what their schedule looks like from semester to semester,” said Civitas Learning Program Manager Michael Koetting.

Student Alexandra Damalas says Degree Map gave her a “bigger picture” view of her coursework and degree requirements. “The convenience factor and the ease of navigation are really great,” she adds.

Faculty & staff training

Starting in September, Degree Map training sessions will be offered at each campus and online. Training is designed for faculty and staff who advise students; however, all employees are encouraged to learn about this new student success tool.

View a Degree Map training video.

More information

For more information about Degree Map, contact Fraire,, or a designated Degree Map expert.

Degree Map experts by campus
Campus Name Email Phone
Cypress Creek Elnita Fennell 512-223-2107
Elgin Patricia Sanchez 512-223-9415
Eastview David Zuniga 512-223-5795
Highland Business Center Mison Zuniga 512-223-7352
Highland Kathy James 512-223-0040
Hays Angela Cole 512-262-6528
Northridge Mario Tenorio 512-223-4706
Pinnacle Tim Self 512-223-8107
Rio Grande Jorge Lynch 512-223-3130
Round Rock John Wooten 512-223-0038
Riverside Edgar Granillo 512-223-6012
South Austin Margie Sandoval-Samilpa 512-223-9164
San Marcos Goodnight Center Dana Washington 512-223-9802

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