Rideshare application can reduce campus travel costs

$20 credit for ACC employees, students who sign up by Aug. 1

Carma Carpool offers rideshare app for ACC employees and students

Carma Carpooling offers rideshare app for ACC employees and students.

Austin Community College students and employees are invited to use Carma Carpooling, a new real-time ridesharing network for Austin.

Sign up, and you’ll be matched with other carpoolers who share your commute via an app for your phone. For each carpool, passengers log their commute, and the driver is automatically reimbursed.

Passengers pay 20 cents per mile, and drivers earn 17 cents per mile and may receive partial reimbursement of toll fees.

To get started, download the mobile app at carmacarpool.com/austin and sign up. Enrollment is free.

ACC students and employees who sign up by August 1, 2014, are eligible for a $20 credit. Use the promo code “ACCarma14”.

For more information about carpooling at ACC, visit the ACC Sustainability Office.

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