Students share thoughts about learning through graffiti project

Graffiti doesn’t have to be a bad thing: ACC’s Faculty Center for Teaching & Learning in recent months has asked students at various campuses to write their thoughts about instructor best practices on large sheets of paper to be viewed and shared.

By having students complete sentences such as “My best professors have helped me by:”, the FCTL wants to collect pieces of advice to support student success.

Students at Highland, Northridge, Rio Grande, Eastview, Cypress Creek, and Round Rock campuses have participated. Missi Patterson, assistant dean of faculty development, plans to gather comments at every campus by the end of the semester.

Students shared thoughts about teaching and learning.

A few comments collected:

“Creating an environment that forces me to think and discover by facilitating and not just giving me all the answers.”

“Trust that I will understand that teaching is tough and I appreciate what you do and I want to be here.”

“Smiling goes a long way.”

Go to the Faculty Center for Teaching & Learning webpage to see images of the graffiti or to see a list of student graffiti responses (pdf).

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