HR Connection: SECC results, retirees honored

Employees give to those in need

The ACC community contributed $52,034.47 to this year’s State Employee Charitable Campaign.

The October campaign collected donations for several local and national charities, including the Capital Area Food Bank, the American Red Cross of Central Texas, Manos de CristoMarch of Dimes, and Habitat for Hu manity. A total of $14,045.47 was donated to the ACC Foundation for student scholarships.

Highland Business Center raised the most contributions with $9,786.66, followed by Rio Grande Campus. The Round Rock Campus won the annual “Change for Charity” competition.

See more details on ACC’s SECC campaign webpage. For information on the Texas SECC, visit

Recent retirees honored

ACC celebrates the following recent retirees. Retirees are recognized at Board of Trustees meetings for their years of service to the college.


Start date


Retiring 12/31/2014
Michiel D. Davis 5/16/1988 Business Testing Services/Special Populations
Douglas L. Garrett 9/29/1997 Admissions and Records
Adele Harmon 9/23/1996 Campus Manager
Kitty Henderson 9/2/1986 Philosophy
Joann Lewis 5/13/1985 Campus Custodial
I. Allen Mueller 2/8/1993 Learning Lab
Robyn R. Richter 5/29/1998 Emergency Medical Services Professions
John E. Roquet 9/16/2008 Testing Center
Linda-Marie Schulz 2/10/1997 Purchasing
Thomas Michael Smith 7/7/1988 Computer Information Technology
Roxie Stanley 4/7/1980 Computer Information Technology
Nancy Fanuiel Worlds 2/3/1977 Testing Center
Retiring 12/1/2014
Linda K. Young 11/3/1997 College Operations
Retiring 10/16/2014
Russell Scanlon 8/22/1994 Music Business, Performance & Technology
Retiring 8/31/2014
Olden Jordan 1/3/1978 Student Services
Shepperd Jerry 9/5/1978 Sociology
Linda Welsh 9/1/2000 Child Care & Development
Gary Kaisinger 12/5/2005 Student Services
Retiring 8/1/2014
Sherry Nethaway 8/29/1988 Criminal Justice
Retiring 7/16/2014
Patrick Judd 5/27/1985 History

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