From student to professor: ACC’s Milan Sretenovic follows beat of his own drum

Tucked away in a dimly lit booth with headphones over his ears and his fingers on the sound board, ACC audio professor Milan Sretenovic is in his element.

Milan“I’m out there doing this thing every single night, every single day,” says Milan.

The recording studio is where Milan feels most at home, but it wasn’t how he started his career.

“I spent 12 years in marketing before I finally decided to follow my passion. Making that change was scary. I was leaving everything I’d known behind,” says Milan.

Milan was born and lived in Serbia when he decided to make a move to Austin, the Music Capital of the World.

“I started at square one, school. I came to ACC.”

Milan earned his associate degree in commercial music business and quickly immersed himself into Austin’s live music scene. His success soared. He established his own recording studio Minja’Sound, and worked as a live sound engineer with artists such as Tito Puente Jr., Band of Horses, Sara Bareilles, Alpha Rev and Blind Date.

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Through it all, Milan never lost touch with his ACC professors. Years later, when asked if he would share his knowledge with students, the answer was easy.

“They gave me an opportunity to improve on every single aspect of my career,” says Sretenovic. “I just wanted to give back.”

Between his own recordings, Milan teaches the next generation of live sound engineers.

“What I’m actually trying to do is get them ready so that as soon as they leave the classroom they can actually start doing this, start making some money, and make their own living in this World,” says Milan. “The opportunities are there. You just have to have the determination.”

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