Student Success Grants fund innovative projects

The Provost’s Office has awarded 22 Student Success grants for faculty/staff projects.

The six- or 12-month projects promote the objectives of the college’s Academic Master Plan, Strategic Plan, and Administrative Services Plan.

“By addressing challenges such as persistence, gateway course completion, and developmental education, these projects and initiatives support ACC’s mission and will have collegewide applications,” says Dr. Charles Cook, provost and executive vice president for academic affairs.

This is the first year for the grants. Visit the Student Success grants webpage for more information.

Spring 2015 Student Success Grants
Grant recipient(s) Position Topic
Kimya Anthony Adjunct associate professor of student development Social media for ACCelerator 


Richard Armenta Associate vice president of student success Puente project at ACC
Gail Bayeta Chair, Visual Communications Experience design program
Erlene Clark Associate professor, architectural engineering/CAD
  • Architectural curriculum: Development of new introductory architectural courses
  • Architectural curriculum: Development of new architectural design and mechanical, electrical & plumbing (MEP) courses
  • Architectural curriculum: Development of new architectural history courses
Linda L. Cox Adjunct associate professor of philosophy Service learning-based ethics course
Frank Curry Professor of photography ACCMe studio
Sandra Eames Adjunct professor or human services Human Services Department – new student online orientation
Samuel Echevarria-Cruz Chair, sociology Gateway survey research
Jose Flores Professor of English Develop English 2351 to be added to the Mexican-American field of study curriculum
Raymond Gerson Adjunct associate professor of student development How to discover the right careers for you
Stacy Guney Director, ACCelerator Senior Institute – AARP Back to Work 50+
Ted Hadzi-Antich, Jr. Assistant professor of government The Great Questions: A student success course for first-generation college students
Michelle Kaiserlian Adjunct associate professor of art, visual communication Adoption of ART 1301 section to focus on gender, sexuality, and race
Jean Lauer Adjunct professor of humanities Development of course HUMA 1305, Intro to Mexican-American Studies
Ann “Tina” McGaughey Adjunct professor of developmental writing College English pizza parties/ integrated reading, writing, speaking, listening, hi-tech, lo-tech
John Ross Oliver Professor of student development Developing POFT 1171: Employability skills at ACC in order to help students “Get the job you want!”
Kerri K. Pope Adjunct assistant professor humanities Development of Humanities 1315: Art in contemporary society (aesthetics in the digital age)
Tobin Quereau Professor of student development Curriculum development and training for PSYC 1100 – Effective Learning student success course
Heather Syrett Adjunct professor of student development Google educator training and outreach
Kathy Walton Adjunct professor of marketing WECMizing visual merchandising
Hazel Ward, Frank Cronin, and Mark Butland Dean of communications, professor of developmental writing, professor of speech The Write Way to Public Speaking: A college credit opportunity for developmental students
James (Red) Wassenich Librarian, Rio Grande Campus Student success through research collaboration

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