Employee “Exercise Stars” model good fitness habits


The Rio Grande Campus logged the most exercise minutes.

ACC congratulates those participating in the inaugural “Become an ACC Exercise Star” program to promote physical activity.

More than 300 employees set a goal of exercising at least 400 or 900 minutes over a six-week period. Those who met their goal received a certificate and a drawstring bag. The three campuses accumulating the most minutes received a gift basket.

ACC president/CEO Dr. Richard Rhodes commended participants at small ceremony for the winning campuses.

“What we want is healthy, active, happy employees. You set the examples for students. If you’re happy, active, and healthy, it makes them want to do that,” he said. “I am inspired by your activity.”

Rio Grande Campus logged the most minutes, followed by Elgin and South Austin. Individuals accumulating the most minutes by campus were:

Cypress Creek: Travis Mann, 2,939
Eastview: Rebeca Olivarez, 2,020
Elgin: Lorrie Phillips, 4,690
Hays: Lindsey Watson, 4,401
Highland Business Center: Richard Rhodes, 3,247
Highland Campus: Roseana Lahti, 2,450
Northridge: Allyson Whipple, 3,275
Pinnacle: Anthony Ojeda, 5,414
Rio Grande: Gloria Foley, 3,380
Riverside: Eddie Sanchez, 2,625
Round Rock: Samantha Cook, 2,026
South Austin: Isabelle Jaime, 2,369
Service Center: Sylvia Cardiel Thomas, 3,210

Access Employee Wellness plans to repeat the “Become an ACC Exercise Star” initiative next year. Visit the Employee Wellness Program webpage for information about the program and other health and fitness resources.


Elgin Campus logged an average of 1,402 minutes of exercise over six weeks.


South Austin rounded out the top three most active campuses.



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