Student success course requirement: Info for faculty & staff

Austin Community College is phasing in a new course requirement for students who come to ACC with limited college experience.

The student success course, to be taken in the student’s first semester, launches this fall for select students with fewer than 12 transferable college credits (excluding developmental education credits).

By fall 2016, the requirement will extend to most new students with fewer than 12 transferable credits.

Students should be advised to take the course during their first semester to avoid a student hold that prevents future registration. One-, 2-, and 3-credit options are available, depending on the degree plan.

Who must enroll this fall

The requirement initially applies to new students with fewer than 12 transferable college credits who are:

  • Mandated to take a developmental course and place at or above DEVR 0310.
  • General studies or undeclared majors, regardless of any previously earned college credits.

Who is exempt

 The following students are exempt from the requirement:

  • Students with a college associate degree or higher.
  • Students pursuing a Level I certificate.
  • Dual-credit students. (The college plans to implement a success course for dual credit students. Students attending early college high schools already are required to take EDUC 1300.)
  • General studies/undeclared majors who have taken a success course at another college and who request an exemption from the general studies department chair.

Students in the ESOL Program (English for Speakers of Other Languages) and individuals placed in two or more developmental classes must take Transition to College Success (SDEV 0111). They also will take a success course once they transition to credit courses.

Degree plans and course options

Associate of arts and associate of science degree plans will include a success course beginning this fall. Applied science degree plans will include a success class by spring 2016.

Success course options are listed below. Health sciences and applied science students may choose between an EDUC course and the course intended for their degree or major – advisors can help students determine which course to take.

  •  Effective Learning: Strategies for College Success (EDUC 1100, 1200, or 1300; the recommended course may vary by degree plan)
  • Student Success for Health Professionals (HPRS 1171; intended for health sciences students)
  • College to Career Success (POFT 1171; intended for applied science students)

Future semesters

The schedule for phasing in the requirement for new students with fewer than 12 college credits is:

  • Spring 2016: Associate degree majors
  • Fall 2016: Students intending to transfer

For more information about the student success course contact Gaye Lynn Scott, [email protected].

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