Emergency Preparedness Week begins June 15

ACC-Emergency-Alert-ButtonAustin Community College designates the third week of each semester as Emergency Preparedness Week to test emergency systems and inform the campus community what they should do if an emergency or disaster occurs on campus. This summer’s emergency preparedness activities are June 15-20.

Go to the Emergency Preparedness Week webpage for details about the week and instructions on downloading a free Emergency Mobile App. Following are a few specifics to note:

  • ACC will test its emergency alert system on Wednesday, June 17, at 10 a.m. This communications system sends automated emergency information via voice/text messages, emergency message boards, and email. You can verify your emergency contact information in Online Services. (Click “ACC Emergency Alert” on the menu page.) A test message also will be posted on the ACC homepage, Emergency webpage, and on social media.
  •  The college will conduct building evacuation drills at six campuses throughout the week, including two on Saturday. To prepare, you should find the nearest building exit plus an alternate. If you can’t use stairs, then locate the nearest Area of Rescue Assistance.
  •  During an evacuation, gather at your campus rally point until the “all clear” is called. Look for outdoor rally point signs as you arrive or leave campus so you know where the locations are.
  •  Complete a survey about the evacuation drills. Evaluating procedures helps the college improve processes and demonstrate its compliance with federal safety regulations.

View ACC’s Emergency webpage for safety videos and detailed information on emergency procedures, ACC Emergency Alerts, and emergency notifications.


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