Emergency Preparedness Week: Info for faculty & staff

ACC-Emergency-Alert-ButtonAustin Community College designates the third week of each semester as Emergency Preparedness Week to test emergency systems and inform the campus community what they should do if an emergency or disaster occurs on campus. This summer’s emergency preparedness activities are June 15-20.

“Being prepared for an emergency is everyone’s responsibility,” says Kristine Elderkin, ACC’s emergency management coordinator. “Knowing what to do and practicing our response procedures is the best way to ensure everyone responds calmly and effectively in a real emergency.”

Go to the Emergency Preparedness Week webpage for details about the week. View the Emergency webpage for safety videos and information on emergency procedures, ACC Emergency Alerts, and emergency notifications. Following are a few specifics to note:

  • The college will conduct unannounced building evacuation drills at six campuses, including two on Saturday; campus managers will be notified if their campus is selected for a drill.
  • ACC will test its emergency alert system on Wednesday, June 17, at 10 a.m. Employees can verify their emergency contact information in Online Services. (Click “ACC Emergency Alert” on the menu page.) A test message also will be posted on the ACC homepage, Emergency webpage, and on social media.
  • Faculty and staff should become familiar with Faculty/Supervisor Responsibilities for building evacuations and fire reporting, and review emergency procedures with students.

Give input

ACC will survey students and employees about the emergency drills. Evaluating procedures helps the college improve processes as needed and demonstrate its compliance with federal safety regulations.

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