ACC launches pop-up help center for college and career planning

College Destination Center @ACC provides one-on-one assistance for those starting college

The Austin Community College District’s (ACC) new pop-up resource center offers individualized help for college and career planning needs. The College Destination Center @ACC provides answers to the most-asked questions about college: Can I afford it? Do I have time? Can I do it?

“It’s important that we provide the community a one-stop shop where they can ask questions and get advice about getting into college,” says Dr. Virginia Fraire, ACC vice president of student services. “It’s our mission to provide affordable, flexible pathways to help students reach their education goals. We need to be there from start to finish.”

CDC @ACCThe center provides one­-on-­one assistance with advisors, help navigating the enrollment process, and guidance on getting started at college for those who are seeking a degree or career-training. Visitors also may register for workshops on topics such as financial aid, career exploration, and TSI preparation.

“This is an important step to improve college access and affordability for students and our community,” says Gilbert Zavala, Austin Chamber of Commerce vice president of education and talent development. “We know many students want to go to college, but often stumble over hurdles that stop them before they begin. This program removes obstacles to educational and economic opportunities.”

DestCenterEHistorically, more than 90 percent of Central Texas high school graduates have said they will attend college directly after high school. Research shows that many begin that process, but only about 60 percent actually follow through.

“It’s easy to lose sight of dreams,” says Jeremy Acosta. “I’m the first in my family to go to college, and at home I had no one to turn to for help; no one to guide me. I needed someone to walk by my side, to show me how to apply for financial aid, and help remind me that no matter how hard it is to achieve my dreams, I can make them a reality.”

ACC is working in collaboration with local ISDs and community partners such as Capital IDEA, TG, E3 Alliance, and the Austin Chamber of Commerce.

The center is open through fall enrollment at the Highland Business Center, Rm. 103 (5930 Middle Fiskville Road). Registration is underway now. For more information visit

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