ACC offers new Intro to Mexican-American studies class

Austin Community College is offering a new introductory course for students interested in learning more about Mexican-American culture.

The 3-credit course, “Introduction to Mexican-American Studies” (HUMA 1305), will be taught Monday and Wednesday afternoon at the Riverside Campus.  It covers the historical, political, artistic, social and human experiences of Mexican-American/Chicano communities.

Registration is underway, and classes begin August 24.ACC_HUMA1305_lowres (3)

“This course is important because there is increasing support from the state and from other four-year institutions to foster more research in the field,” says Lisa Pérez, chair of ACC’s Mexican-American Studies Department. “Traditional classes oftentimes make minor mentions of these experiences and sometimes ignore the discussions completely. It is important for students to see themselves in what they are studying.”

The course is designed for students majoring in Mexican-American studies at the university level, but is open to anyone who meets the prerequisites.  Visit the Mexican-American Studies website or call Pérez at 512-262-6563 for information about this or other Mexican-American studies courses.

There’s still time to enroll for fall classes. Speak with an enrollment advisor at 512-223-7701 or visit


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