ACC instructional leadership: Current deans and department chairs

Some Austin Community College departments are starting the new academic year with new or recently appointed leaders. Following is a list of deans and department chairs effective September 1.

Update: Please visit Instructional Departments & Divisions for the most current list of deans and department chairs.

Deans and interim deans

Department Name
Applied Technology, Multimedia & Public Service Brandon Whatley Interim Dean
Arts & Humanities Matthew Daude Laurents Interim Dean
Business Studies Reed Peoples Interim Dean
Communications David Lydic Interim Dean
Computer Studies and Advanced Technology Linda Smarzik Dean
Continuing Education Hector Aguilar Dean
Health Sciences Pat Recek Dean
Math & Sciences David Fonken Dean
Social & Behavioral Science Gaye Lynn Scott Dean

Department chairs

Department Name
Accounting Reed Peoples
Allied Health Sciences Richard Espinosa
American Sign Language Interpreter Training Fallon Brizendine
Architectural & Engineering Computer Aided Design Doug Smith
Art Roberta Weston (interim)
Auto Body Repair and Refinishing T.J. Bragg
Automotive Technology Mike Shoebroek
Biology Richard Fofi
Biotechnology Linnea Fletcher
Building Construction Technology Joey Case
Business & Technical Communication David McMurrey
Chemistry Madan Mohan
Child Development Stacey Shackelford
Computer Studies Mary Kohls
Creative Writing Charlotte Gullick
Criminal Justice Gerald Hildebrand
Culinary Arts Stephanie Herrington
Dance Catherine Solaas
Dental Hygiene Renee Cornet
Developmental Reading Dolores Segura
Developmental Writing Laura Ore
Drama Marcus McQuirter
Education Instruction Giao Phan
Electronics and Advanced Technology Alberto Quiñones
Emergency Medical Services Professions Don Gwynn
English & Journalism Judy Sanders
Environmental Science George Staff
ESOL Shannon Bailey
Financial Management, Marketing, Real Estate Ina Midkiff
Fire Protection Technology Nathan Zaleski
Foreign Language Cathy Angel
Gaming Development, Animation & Motion Graphics Garry Gaber
General Studies and Student Development Sharon Frederick
Geographic Information Systems Sean Moran
Government Kris Seago
Health & Kinesiology Jamee Stewart
Health Information Technology Norma Mercado
Heating Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Max Landry
History Al Purcell
Hospitality Management Michelle Fitzpatrick
Human Services Liz Coccia
International Business William Louden
Jewelry Bill Evans
Land Surveying Linda Smarzik
Management Frank Reid
Mathematics Carolynn Reed
Medical Lab Technology Keri Brophy-Martinez
Mexican-American/Chicano Studies Lisa Perez-Nichols
Music David Jones
Music Business, Performance & Technology Geoffrey Schulman
Occupational Therapy Assistant Estrella Barrera
Office Administration Jane Billingsley
Paralegal Duane Crowley
Personal Fitness Technology Pam Soto
Pharmacy Technician Lisa McCartney
Philosophy, Religion & Humanities Grant Potts
Photographic Technology William Woodhull
Physical Sciences James Heath
Physical Therapist Assistant Jose Milan
Professional Nursing Nan Walters
Psychology Dan Dydek
Radio, Television & Film Christian Raymond
Radiology Rudy Garza
Social Sciences Sanford Marble
Sociology and Social Work Deborah Zigler
Sonography Regina Swearengin
Speech Theresa Glenn
Surgical Technology Carol Hamilton
Veterinary Technology Kerry Coombs
Visual Communications Gail Bayeta
Vocational Nursing Sandra McCrary-Marshall
Welding Technology Troy DeFrates

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