ACC hosts campus drills during Emergency Preparedness Week

The Austin Community College District (ACC) is preparing its campuses in the event of an emergency with a series of drills Saturday, January 30, through Friday, February 5.

ACC hosts Emergency Preparedness Week each semester to educate students, faculty, and staff on the best actions to take if an emergency were to happen on campus. The college will conduct building evacuation drills at select campuses and test the ACC Emergency Alert System districtwide.

“It’s important that we take proactive steps to identify hazards, manage risk, and prepare the ACC community. We conduct drills at least once a semester to give people the opportunity to familiarize themselves with ACC’s evacuation procedures,” says Kristine Elderkin, ACC emergency management coordinator. “Always identify your nearest exit or area of rescue assistance and then find an alternate. Take some time to review ACC’s other emergency procedures so that you are prepared to act when the unexpected occurs.”

ACC will test its Emergency Alert System on Wednesday, February 3. During the test, e-mail and text alerts will be sent to all registered email accounts and devices.

Students, faculty, and staff may access ACC’s emergency procedures through a mobile app called In Case of Crisis-Education. The app is available through the Apple app store, Google Play, or Amazon for Android.

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