Take note of new registration schedules for 2016-17

Austin Community College is streamlining student registration periods beginning with fall 2016 registration, which starts in May.

The early registration period for all current and former students will be the first two weeks of the registration period. All current and former students ― regardless of the number of credits they have ― can register during the early registration period. New, current, and former students may register when open registration begins.

The registration timeframe offers current students the earliest opportunity to schedule the classes they need for degree plans in-progress. It also lets new students register sooner, giving them more time to coordinate any support they need before classes begin.

Tuition payment deadlines will not change.

ACC 2016-17 registration dates

Semester Registration for current &  former students Registration for new students/open registration
Fall 2016
(Aug. 29 – Dec. 18)
May 16 – Aug. 24, 2016 May 31 – Aug. 24, 2016
Spring 2017
(Jan. 17 – May 14)
Oct. 17 – Jan. 11, 2017 Oct. 31 – Jan. 11, 2017
Summer 2017
(May 20 – Aug. 14)
Apr. 3 – May 24, 2017 Apr. 17 – May 24, 2017

A complete listing of registration and payment deadlines will be added to the Important Dates and Deadlines webpage.


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