ACC introduces new application, advising processes to support guided pathways

Austin Community College transitions to new application and advising processes beginning June 1.

The changes support the college’s new “guided pathways” structure for programs and services and will make it easier for students to enroll, identify the coursework they need, and stay on track to graduate.

To enroll, new incoming students will complete four primary steps:

  1. “First Step” online presentation.
  2. Apply
  3. Attend an Area of Study Information Session.
  4. Register for classes.

Step 1: First Step presentation

First-time ACC applicants are required to view a brief online module (about 20 minutes long) before they complete ACC’s online application. The presentation introduces “guided pathways” within 10 areas of study and provides instructions on completing the remaining enrollment steps.

Step 2: Apply

After viewing First Step, students complete a streamlined application. They identify their area of study and program and their primary campus region – North, Central, or South. They have the option to specify the credential they are seeking.

After hitting “submit,” applicants receive a message about the documents they must submit (such as residency form and transcripts) and instructions for attending an area of study information session (see below).

Applicants are instructed to check the status of their application by contacting an enrollment management specialist by phone, email, or by visiting any campus Student Services Welcome Center or the College Destination Center at Highland Business Center. Additionally, enrollment management specialists will phone applicants to check their enrollment status and guide them through their next steps.

Step 3: Attend an Information Session

Students who are new to ACC with 11 or fewer college credits are required to attend an Area of Study Information Session. The sessions (more than 60 have been scheduled so far) are led by advisors and counselors supported by faculty from the area of study. Sessions cover career information specific to the study area, as well as college resources, transfer information, and instructions on using the Student Planning and Degree Map online tools.

Students requiring developmental education courses will be referred to an advisor after the Area of Study Information Session.

Students returning to college with 12 or more credits can attend an area of study session or meet individually with an advisor for their study area. Advisors will focus on three areas of study. See a list of advisors by area of study.

Find updates about the guided pathways implementation on the Office of the Provost and Faculty & Staff webpages.

Step 4: Register for classes

Upon attending an information session first-time college students are “moved to student,” or cleared to register on the applicable registration date. Students with 12 or more credits are cleared to register once their documentation has been processed – they will be encouraged to attend an Area of Study Information Session or meet with an advisor but will not be required to do so to register.

More information

The college continues to fine-tune application and advising processes and additional details (including more information about advisor and counselor processes and assignments) will be communicated in the coming weeks.

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