Questions about paying for college? Financial Aid TV offers 24/7 help

fatv6Austin Community College students can now take advantage of Financial Aid TV, (FATV), a collection of more than 200 brief online videos with answers to common questions about financial aid, paying for college, and money management.

Students can access the videos 24/7 using a computer or mobile device. Videos are organized into playlist categories such as Eligibility, Scholarships, the FAFSA, Tax Credits, and Veterans. Viewers also can search for topics using a specific word. Just a few titles:

Some FATV videos are available in multiple languages. Longer videos include a menu of specific questions so viewers can jump to the portion of the video with the response.

Go to to check out the current FATV library. The videos also can be viewed on several ACC financial aid webpages, such as Obtain Financial Aid.

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