Vote for ACC at SXSWedu with online PanelPicker

The SXSWedu 2017 PanelPicker is online and ready for you to cast your vote to add Austin Community College presenters to the conference schedule.sxwsedulogo

The following faculty and staff have submitted presentations for consideration. The community can browse proposals and select those they think are a good fit for the March event. (You must create an account with an email address to vote.)

Voting continues through Friday, September 2.

Click here to vote.

Ted Hadzi-Antich Jr., assistant professor of government: Great Books and Community College Student Success (

Payson Blanchard, adjunct associate professor of English: Teaching as the Art of Composing People in Class (

Dr. Herb Coleman, director of campus technology services; adjunct professor of psychology: VR Will NOT Save Education; VR Might Destroy It. (

Dr. Tyler Drake, director of the ACC Bioscience Incubator: Incubators for Economic and Workforce Development (

Dr. Stuart Greenfield, adjunct professor of economics: R They Stupid or What: MOOCs & Community Colleges (

Cindy Joy and Amy Velchoff, adult education instructors: Adult Learners & Common Core: A Concrete Approach (

Geoffrey Schulman, department chair and professor of music business, performance & technology: We Don’t Need No (Music Biz) Education…Or Do We? (

Paul Thayer, adjunct professor of computer science and computer information technology: Learning to Program Computers in 2037 (

Anne Praderas Vance, associate professor of mathematics: Why Have We Failed on Remediation? (

Faculty and staff who have submitted proposals not listed here are encouraged to leave a reply below.

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