HR Connection: Benefits plan deductions, TRS limits for retirees, and more

The following is provided by the Human Resources Department.

Check September paycheck for benefits changes

It is always a good idea to periodically review paycheck deductions, but it is particularly important to do so in September to note any changes in benefits plan costs or confirm changes made during summer enrollment. Look for these changes this month:

Health insurance premium increases: Full- and part-time employees who elect health insurance coverage for eligible dependents will see an increase in health plan deductions. HealthSelect and Scott & White rates increased approximately 7 percent. State of Texas Dental Choice Plan rates also increased slightly.

Vision insurance: If you enrolled in new vision insurance coverage, verify that a monthly premium is deducted.

Teacher Retirement System of Texas: The TRS contribution rate increased from 7.2 percent to 7.7 percent of eligible pay effective September 1.

For questions or assistance with benefit deductions, email the HR Benefits Office at [email protected].

Reminder: Biweekly payroll deductions in September

ACC employees who are paid biweekly did not have insurance deductions or TSA/457 contributions withheld from their September 2 paycheck, but will have benefit deductions in their final two paychecks in September. TRS retirement contributions will be withheld on all three paychecks.

TRS monthly limits for working retirees

Retired TRS members who have returned to work for ACC or plan to do so in FY 2017 should not exceed TRS monthly limits for permitted hours. Those who do not stay within the limits and/or substitute while performing any other kind of work for ACC may lose their monthly TRS annuity payment.

2016-17 Monthly TRS limits on employment after retirement
Month Number of work days Number of hours of half time or less work allowed Number of workdays of combined substitute and other work allowed
Sept. 22 88 11
Oct. 21 84 10
Nov. 22 88 11
Dec. 22 88 11
Jan. 2017 22 88 11
Feb. 2017 20 80 10
Mar. 2017 23 92 11
Apr. 2017 20 80 10
May 2017 23 92 11
June 2017 22 88 11
July 2017 21 84 10
Aug. 2017 23 92 11

For more information about returning to work after TRS retirement, contact TRS at 800-223-8778, or view Employment After Retirement.  The HR Benefits Office can also help ([email protected]).

Real Appeal webinar Sept. 20

United Healthcare is presenting a webinar about the recently introduced Real Appeal weight loss program Tuesday, September 20, from 11:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.  Register for the Real Appear webinar. The password is wellness.

Real Appeal is an online weight loss program available at no cost to HealthSelect members 18 and older who have a BMI of 23 or higher. The program uses a simple, step-by-step approach to teach healthy habits that lead to lasting weight loss. Participants receive a year of online group coaching and a Real Appeal Success Kit with step-by-step guides, workout DVDs and gear, recipes, and healthy kitchen cooking tools.

Deer Oaks EAP newsletters

Check out monthly newsletters for employees and supervisors. A few articles from this month’s employee newsletter:

  • Communicating with Your Child
  • Online Seminar: Effective Communication with Children
  • Simplify to Reduce Stress
  • One Way to Live Longer — and Healthier
  • Snippets: To Disinfect Water; Make the Most of Your Grocery Shopping
  • Clinician’s Corner
  • Everyday Lessons to Teach Kids about Money

Find the following articles in this month’s supervisor newsletter:

  • How to Gain Respect in Your Workplace
  • Shake Off a Bad First Impression
  • Ask Your EAP

Featured employee discounts for September

Offers from ACC Advantage Discount Program include:

  • Panasonic — deals on microwaves, Blu-ray players, camcorders and more.
  • Endless Vacation Rentals offers vacation deals around the world. Save 25 percent at more than 200,000 properties.

Access these deals and more on the Advantage Discount Program website or by clicking Advantage Discount Program on the HR Benefits webpage.

ACC celebrates recent retirees

Sue White, adjunct professor of developmental math, recently retired after 26.5 years with ACC. Retirees are recognized at Board of Trustees meetings for their years of service to the college.

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