Faculty: Learn about incorporating open course materials at presentation Sept. 30

Do you have questions about open online course materials and whether they can work in your teaching?

david wiley

Dr. David Wiley is an education fellow at Creative Commons and an adjunct professor in Brigham Young University’s graduate program in Instructional Psychology and Technology.

Dr. David Wiley, co-founder and chief academic officer of Lumen Learning and nationally recognized expert in open content, will visit ACC to discuss how faculty can use open educational resources (OER) to make their courses more engaging and improve student outcomes. The presentation is Friday, September 30, from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. at Eastview Campus (Multipurpose Room 8500).

Wiley will address how colleges are turning to free or low-cost open resources to make programs more affordable and accessible for students and enhance academic freedom for faculty.

Register here for Dr. David Wiley’s presentation.

“Expensive textbooks are a burden for students and a frustration for faculty who must ask students to purchase them,” says Dr. Charles Cook, provost and executive vice president for academic affairs. “With open resources, students have access to the materials from the first day of class. Faculty can rearrange, remix, reuse, revise, and redistribute content to suit their needs and their students’ learning.”

Portland, Ore-based Lumen is helping ACC and its partner colleges develop courses for a general studies degree that can be completed using open resources.

Wiley’s presentation is not limited to faculty serving as course developers and reviewers for ACC’s OER project. Any full-time or adjunct faculty who want to learn how they can enhance their courses with open resources is encouraged to attend. Click here to view the livestreamed presentation.

For information about Wiley’s visit contact Dr. Gaye Lynn Scott, [email protected].


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