Reminder: Classes must be on degree plan for financial aid

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With registration for spring classes underway, Austin Community College is reminding students that they can only receive federal financial aid for courses that are on their degree plan. See answers to common questions about course eligibility below.

What if I enroll in a course that is not on my degree plan?

Students may enroll in a class not on their plan; however, it will not be eligible for financial aid. Students are responsible for paying any difference between the financial aid they receive and the tuition they owe. Students must pay the amount they owe or set up a payment plan by their tuition deadline or they will be dropped from classes.

Generally, students are encouraged to avoid taking courses that are not on their degree plan.

What if I’m planning to transfer instead of earning a degree?

Students must declare a major to receive financial aid. Those planning to transfer may want to visit with an academic advisor who can help them choose a major that best aligns with the degree plan at their transfer institution. See a list of ACC advisors by area of study.

How do I know if a course is on my degree plan?

Students can view their degree plan in the Self-Service course planning and registration system, or visit with an advisor if they have questions about their plan.

To prevent any disruption in their financial aid, students should verify their student record reflects their current major. To check, log in to Online Services and click Student Statuses (under Academic Planning).

For more information about financial aid, view the Obtain Financial Aid webpage.

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