Learn about academic early alert system at Feb. 10 webinar

ACC’s Student Services Division resumes its webinar series for faculty and staff 8:30 a.m. Friday, February 10, with a presentation about the college’s plans for a new early alert system for students experiencing academic difficulties.

Vice President of Student Services Dr. Virginia Fraire will discuss the importance of an effective early alert system, and how new technology and processes can help faculty and others intervene before academic performance issues derail students’ plans.

“With our current processes, we lose valuable opportunities to help students early in the semester when it could make a difference in their success,” Fraire says. “We’re looking at how faculty, counselors and advisors, assisted by new software, can collaborate to help students stay enrolled, retain their financial aid, and remain on track to completion.”

How to join in

Faculty and staff can access the webinar through the ACC Live Streaming webpage (irt.austincc.edu/webcast/) or attend in person at Highland Campus, Room 1307.

Participants also can submit questions about early alert processes before or during the webcast to [email protected]. Include “Q&A” in the subject line. Questions may be submitted up to three days following the webinar.

Academic Progress Work Group

An Academic Progress Work Group led by Willie Martinez, associate vice president of student success and analytics, is guiding the implementation of the new early alert system. Faculty and staff who would like to provide input to the group should email Martinez at ([email protected]).

Access previous webinars

The Student Services webinar series has focused on critical student success topics and the college’s implementation of guided pathways. More than 150 faculty and staff took part in the initial sessions of the series last fall. Recordings of previous webinars can be accessed on the Student Services Webinars webpage. Webinars are posted the week following the webcast.

Future webinars will be announced soon.

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