Enrollment team reorganizes to better support recruitment, onboarding

The Enrollment Management Office, now renamed Recruitment & Enrollment, is introducing new processes and organizational changes that will help it better nurture and assist prospective and incoming students.

“Since our transition to guided pathways last year, we’ve dramatically improved upon the way new prospects and applicants are engaged,” says Patty Behr, director of recruitment & enrollment. “Creating teams focused specifically on these two areas is a natural step to ensure we effectively track and nurture applicants through the enrollment process.”

The office comprises specialized teams focused on recruiting and enrollment functions. Recruiters work primarily in the field, such as in high schools and at community events. They answer questions about college, provide information about ACC programs, and introduce prospective students to ACC’s application. Enrollment advisors guide applicants through enrollment steps, including submitting supplemental documents.

Both teams are supported by Ellucian’s CRM Recruit software, which works in tandem with the Ellucian Colleague system. CRM Recruit allows for customized communications with prospective students. It also streamlines some application steps, including integration of the residency form with the admissions application. CRM Recruit is expected to be operational later this month.

The Recruitment & Enrollment staff and their roles are:

Leadership and support

Melissa Curtis – associate vice president of enrollment management
Patty Behr – director of recruitment & enrollment
Mark Cugini – enrollment management analyst
Audrey Frizzell – administrative assistant to director
Audrey Yates – recruitment & enrollment assistant


Tung Huynh, coordinator
Gus Rodriquez
Marc Jimenez
Ross Nelson
Thomas Clark

Enrollment advisors

Adam Saucedo, supervisor
Alicia Cordero
Irma Apolinar
De’borah Jones
Kenneth Franklin
Mitchell Simmons
Ruben Cruz
Sarah Stayton

Learn more

The Recruitment & Enrollment Office recently hosted a webinar about CRM (customer relationship management) philosophy and ACC’s new enrollment processes.  View The Transformation of Enrollment Management: Guiding Students through the New Enrollment Process. (If the presentation doesn’t load, open using Chrome browser.)

See more details at Student recruiting and onboarding: Q&A for faculty/staff.

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