Student recruiting and onboarding: Q&A for faculty/staff

ACC’s Recruitment & Enrollment Office is implementing Ellucian’s CRM Recruit software to support the college’s streamlined application and enhanced recruiting and student onboarding processes. Following are questions from a February 10 webinar about the new system and processes. Read more at Enrollment team reorganizes to better support recruitment, onboarding.

When does CRM Recruit go live?

Recruit is scheduled to go live Friday, February 24.

Does this replace ACC’s previous online application?


At what point does a student’s record move to the Ellucian Colleague (formerly Datatel) system?

An application moves from Recruit to the Colleague system after all supplemental documents are successfully submitted.

Just to clarify — what exactly are supplemental documents?

Supplemental documents are documents that confirm an applicant is qualified for admission. ACC’s supplemental documents include unofficial TSI scores and an unofficial transcript(s). Once supplemental documents are received, applications are considered complete.

Will students still have 30 days to submit official transcripts?

Yes. Recruit is used to send a reminder email to applicants about their transcript deadline.

If a student completes an application but has not submitted transcripts and residency information will their file not be moved to Colleague?

Correct. Only applicants who have a complete application on file, including supplemental documentation, will be moved to Colleague.

How long does Recruit retain an application?

Applications remain in Recruit until the applicant submits all required supplemental documents and the application is considered complete.

What is a qualified student?

A qualified student is an applicant who submits all supplemental documents and is moved to the Colleague system by their enrollment advisor.

What is an interested student?

Interested students are either prospects or applicants. A prospect is someone who has not yet submitted an application. An applicant is a prospective student who has submitted an application, but has not yet completed the application and/or submitted required documents.

Does Recruit collect the same data we’ve collected before and will we see it in the same place?

Yes, Recruit collects the same data as the previous application as well as some additional data. The data will be in the same place in Colleague and residency information is in Colleague in XRES. Previously, only residency data from ApplyTexas was in XRES.

Can staff still view student holds in Colleague or are they viewed through the Recruit?

The process for reviewing holds has not changed. Holds are still viewable in Colleague on the PERC screen.

Will ApplyTexas applications also flow through Recruit?


Will ApplyTexas applications still be processed on by campus Admissions & Records staff?

No. ApplyTexas applications will be uploaded directly into Recruit. Residency status from ApplyTexas will be coded by Admissions & Records staff and holds will be placed as needed.

High schools sometimes request names of students who have completed an ACC application. Will Recruit collect those lists to share with schools?

ACC can only provide student data to high schools with which it has a data-sharing agreements.

Will the Chamber of Commerce (which seeks to increase the number of students applying to and enrolling in college) credit high schools for students who do not apply through ApplyTexas?

This is largely up to the Chamber. Once Recruit is launched, prospective students can still apply via ApplyTexas or through the new application hosted by Recruit.

Is the application process be the same for dual credit students?


Will students feel discouraged if they have to create an account (in Recruit) and don’t follow through?

No. We get emails from applicants who started the application, but did not have time to complete it. Previously, those applications were not saved and had to be re-entered by the applicant. Now after entering information into a few fields to create an account, applicants can start an application and return later to complete it.

How does a student check the status of their application?

Recruit allows applicants to log in and check their application status 24/7.

What about students who submitted an application with the previous system but didn’t follow through? Will Recruit allow them to reapply?

Students who have applied through the previous system do not need to reapply using Recruit. Colleague has records for previous applicants. Technically, Recruit allows students to apply even if they have a record in Colleague. If they reapply through Recruit, the system recognizes the duplicate and matches the two records.

If there is an error in the data, how is it corrected in Colleague?

Recruitment & Enrollment staff will resolve any data issues before a Colleague record is created. This will be a collaboration between recruitment & enrollment and IT staff.

Sometimes student records don’t include the students’ phone number. Will the new system capture this information?

Recruit requires applicants to provide a phone number.

If an applicant does not have a social security number, can they obtain a temporary number at admissions like they do now?

Yes. Prospects will obtain temporary numbers through Recruitment & Enrollment.

Does the residency form ask the student’s visa status? Is the acceptance email sent to international students as well?

There are different processes for international applicants. Applicants who are not U.S. citizens will receive a different acceptance email generated by Recruit. Yes, the residency questions ask about the applicant’s visa status.

Do students need to provide documentation of in-district status?

No, this is not part of the initial application process. Later if they have a hold because residency status has not been confirmed, or if they change their status to in-district, they will have to provide documentation to Admissions & Records.

Can a student apply multiple times through Recruit?

Yes, but only complete applications are sent to Colleague.

Will a student’s application ever be inactive, requiring them to reapply?

If an applicant doesn’t complete the application process by turning in all supplemental documents before the term deadline, they will need to work with their enrollment advisor to reapply for another semester.

Will help desk personnel have access to Recruit when helping students?


Will everyone have access to Recruit?

No. At this time, only staff whose roles require access will have it.

Will current ACC students be able to use the Recruit application after they are already in the Colleague system?

Technically, current ACC students could apply through Recruit, although current students in Colleague do not need to be in Recruit since they are already in Colleague.

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