Math Department pilots fast-track developmental class options

The Math Program is introducing two pilot projects this fall aimed at helping developmental math students reach their goals sooner.

Algebra Express – Includes 3 transferable college credits

  • Recommended for students needing elementary or intermediate algebra who are planning careers in STEM. Rather than completing the course from beginning to advance, students will learn each algebra concept at the developmental, then advanced level. The pace is intense, and students attend class five days a week. At the end of the semester successful students will have credit for development math AND College Algebra. To participate: Students must register for both Accelerated Developmental Algebra (MATD 0414) and College Algebra (MATH 1314).

Math Thinking Express

  • Recommended for students scoring at the basic math level on the TSI Assessment who are not planning careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). Students will cover non-STEM math topics in NCBM 0222 in the first four weeks and immediately transition to the 12-week Developing Mathematical Thinking (MATD 0485) course. The pace is intense, and students must complete online work outside class meeting times. To be eligible, you must have a minimum TSI Assessment score of 324/ABE 4, or 320/ABE 3 with advisor approval. To participate: Students must register in the courses Developing Mathematical Thinking (MATD 0485) and Non-Course Based Math for Non STEM Foundations (NCBM 0222).

The pilots are part of a state and national trend to provide accelerated alternatives to developmental education and remove barriers to earning a college degree.

“Math is a struggle for many students. About 40 percent of new students aren’t prepared for college-level courses,” says Dr. David Fonken, dean of the math and sciences. “This is a new option to help them succeed.”

To learn more about the pilots, view the Co-Requisite Courses information on the Math Department website. For information on registering, contact any campus Advising Office.

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