Landing a job in Austin’s tech boom

The Career ACCelerator Program at Austin Community College is bridging the gap between the area’s unemployed and its robust IT industry.

“Jobs with good salaries are going unfilled because of a lack of skilled IT workers,” says David Borden, ACC’s Career ACCelerator director. “We’re here to help unemployed and underemployed adults move into those higher-paying jobs.”

Career ACCelerator started as a partnership between ACC and Capital IDEA to provide educational assistance for adults for the area’s hottest careers. Many local jobs are in the IT industry, with flexible schedules and wages often twice the local average.

“Every business has an IT department,” says Borden. “If you have an associate degree or certificate, you can work in almost any industry. Banking, music, even grocery stores — all need IT help.”

Aida Nacro, ACC IT Graduate

Austin resident Aida Nacro entered Career ACCelerator’s intensive training in 2015. Within two years, she landed an internship at Travis County and graduated from ACC with an associate degree in network administration.

“I needed a program that would get me the training and work experience employers demanded,” says Nacro. “I was always interested in computers, but I needed a fast track to a degree.”

I needed a program that would get me the training and work experience employers demanded.

Nacro now works full time as a network administrator for Travis County.

Visit to learn about the computer science and IT programs at ACC. Fall registration is underway. Contact the College Destination Center at 512-223-7747 for more information about enrolling.

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