Parking tags & Green Pass available for 2017-18

Austin Community College parking permits for the 2017-18 academic year are available for purchase online.

Permit fees are unchanged:

  • Students and hourly staff: $15
  • Adjunct faculty: $20
  • Staff, Classified: $30
  • Staff, Prof-Tech: $35
  • Full-time faculty: $40
  • Administrators: $50
  • Motorcycle permits: $15

Parking permits for 2016-17 expire August 31.

Students must be registered and have paid their tuition or set up a payment plan to purchase a parking permit.

Preferred-parking permits

Green Car permits allow access to preferred parking on campus. Permits are available for those who drive fuel-efficient, low-emission vehicles (see qualified vehicles). Drivers also must purchase and display a regular ACC parking permit. (Green car spaces are limited; a permit does not guarantee a preferred spot.)

Preferred parking also is available for registered carpool members. Interested drivers and riders must complete an online application. Approved vehicles will receive a carpool tag.

Ordering permits and green car tags online

To purchase a parking permit or obtain a green car or carpool tag online:

  • Select a payment method and place your order, then check ACCmailfor a confirmation notice.
  • Go to any campus Cashier Office to pick up your permit between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Waivers for veterans

ACC waives the parking permit fee for disabled veterans who own a vehicle with a state-issued license plate designation of “disabled veteran.”  Qualifying students and employees must provide the Cashier Office with a Texas Department of Motor Vehicles receipt showing the “Disabled Veteran” plate type.

The college also waives the parking permit fee for the following military medal recipients:  Medal of Honor, Purple Heart, Distinguished Service Cross, Navy Cross, Pearl Harbor Survivor, and Former Prisoner of War.  To receive the waiver, veterans must provide the Cashier Office with a Texas Department of Motor Vehicles receipt for the license plate type issued or other documentation (such as a DD-214) showing the medal awarded.

Alternative Transportation

Green Pass: Green Pass allows unlimited rides on Capital Metro bus and rail services for one semester. It is available for $25 to ACC credit and Adult Basic Education students, faculty, and full-time staff. Students and employees can obtain a Green Pass at any campus Cashier Office. A Green Pass is eligible for all Capital Metro services. Beginning fall 2017, service is available at ACC Round Rock Campus.

Car Sharing: Students, faculty, and staff also may participate in discounted car sharing programs such as Zipcar or car2go.

  • Zipcar: ACC members join Zipcar for free and pay a $15 annual membership fee.
  • car2go: Members pay a one-time application fee of $35. Designated parking spaces are available at Eastview, Riverside, and Highland.

Bicycle: Students and employees may receive a 50 percent discount on the annual membership from Austin B-cycle.

Choose alternative transportation and help the environment

Read about all transportation options on the Sustainability Office webpage. Information on parking regulations, permits, and enforcement is on the Parking Regulations webpage.

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