ACC TACHE chapter awards 20 student scholarships

For the third consecutive year, the Texas Association of Chicanos in Higher Education (TACHE) – Austin Community College Chapter awarded scholarships to help students of Latino descent achieve a higher education.

“As mentors we support the students’ needs to navigate through their college experience and we remain in contact with them at least once a month,” says Leticia Gonzalez, ACC TACHE mentor. “We provide networking opportunities to connect the ACC Chapter to fellow chapters throughout the state. It’s how students are introduced to members from transfer colleges.”

Twenty ACC students received $1,000 scholarships during a luncheon ceremony at the Eastview Campus Wednesday, August 16.

For recipient and ACC Criminal Justice student, Hector Castelan, the support helps cover the cost of books, parking, and a portion of his tuition.

“TACHE has definitely made the college-going process easier,” says Castelan. “I believe TACHE does encourage Latino students to pursue a higher education and to do better in college, because it ensures us that we have support out there to find success.”

I believe TACHE does encourage Latino students to pursue a higher education and to do better in college…” -Hector Castelan

The student recipients are listed below:

Hector Castelan, ACC TACHE scholarship recipient

  • Alondra Acosta-Mora
  • Alyssa Dillon
  • Amanda Martínez
  • Amaris Garza
  • Andrés López
  • Anthony Sánchez
  • Ariana Gómez Reyes
  • Cedric Ramírez
  • Dayron Rodríguez-Leyva
  • Eloy Garza Martínez
  • Flavio Palacios Tinoco
  • Hector Castelan
  • Lita Ovalle
  • Pamela Silva Camacho
  • Patricia Romero
  • Rafael Santos-Macías
  • Ricardo Solís-Arellano
  • Rosa Barron
  • Samantha Edwards
  • Stephanie Ramirez

ACC TACHE scholars and mentors

TACHE officially began at ACC in 2003 to enhance access, retention, and success of Chicano students, staff, and faculty-adjunct in higher education. Since then, the Hispanic student population at ACC has increased more than 61 percent.

“TACHE is committed to improving the educational and employment opportunities for Hispanics,” says Dr. Willie Martinez, ACC TACHE President. “We are lucky to be part of ACC, a Hispanic-serving institution, a leader in student success, and one of the best community colleges to work for.”

Scholarship applicants must have fulfilled the following requirements: successfully complete a minimum of 12 hours with a GPA of 2.25 or better, provide a need for financial assistance (as determined by the ACC Financial Aid Office), live within the ACC District service area, and accept an ACC TACHE mentor.

For more information about the TACHE ACC Chapter, visit

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