Introducing the Teaching & Learning Excellence Division (TLED)

The newly-formed Teaching & Learning Excellence Division (TLED) at ACC is designed to provide faculty with resources and programs. Lead by Dr. Susan Thomason, AVP of Instructional Services, offices under TLED will promote student success goals at the college. These offices include:

  • ACC Libraries
  • Office of Distance & Alternative Learning
  • Office of Curriculum Development
  • Office of Articulation & University Relations
  • Office of Instructional & Faculty Development
  • Office of Cooperative Education & Internships
  • Office of Service Learning
  • Office of Instructional Technology

How TLED is streamlining faculty outreach:

  • Website: TLED instructional web team is in the process of redesigning all sites under TLED. This will enhance usability, integrate services, and ensure branding consistency. Phase I accomplished creating an online presence for TLED. In Phase II, the web team will review all service sites under TLED to determine if additional links are needed on the landing page, along with what content needs to be deleted or consolidated.
  • Streamlined outreach: Faculty will now receive a curated faculty-only newsletter each month, along with weekly updates on pertinent events. See the first iterations of the Faculty Connect newsletter and Faculty Events digest online.
  • Social media: Faculty and staff are encouraged to follow TLED on Facebook and Twitter to connect to teaching and learning excellence resources and services.
  • Monthly updates: TLED will host a monthly online update to share news from the offices.

Learn more about TLED on Wednesday, September 13 at 10:30 a.m. by watching the live streamThis will include a comprehensive update from Dr. Thomason about the visionary future of TLED, innovations in the works, and more.

For more information, contact [email protected].

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