Thirteen faculty accepted for inaugural digital fellowship

Fellows will research & apply digital products, strategies, and resources to improve student learning outcomes, persistence, and completion.

Thirteen faculty have been selected to participate in a new group that will research and apply digital products, strategies, and resources to improve student learning outcomes as well as student persistence and completion.

The Digital Fellowship will review adaptive learning, open education resources, competency-based education, games, simulations, video, animation, hybrid course design, and more. Each fellow will pilot the chosen product, strategy, or resource in a gateway or core course in which students often struggle, such as biology or psychology.

“Achieving knowledge with innovative online tools is important in today’s continuously changing digital landscape,” says Dr. Charles Cook, ACC provost and executive vice president for academic affairs. “ACC’s digital fellows will contribute to the development of digital learning tools and the understanding of how they can be used to help students achieve greater success.”

Data indicate digital learning tools can increase learning and completion.

Fellows represent various college constituencies. They will spend the spring semester implementing and assessing the impact of digital intervention upon student learning in at least one of the Texas core objectives: critical thinking, communication, teamwork, quantitative reasoning, personal responsibility, and social responsibility. In the summer, fellows will present their digital interventions at a faculty summer institute.

For more information, visit the Digital Fellowship webpage.

Digital Fellowship Members

Faculty Name Area of Study Department Pilot Course
Joe Ahearn Computer Science and Information Technology Education Liberal Arts English ENGL 1301, 1302
Herb Coleman Public and Social Services Psychology, Student Development PSYC 2301
Ryan Davidson Liberal Arts Department of English,  Department of Business, Government & Technical Communication ENGL 1301, 1302
Richard Griffiths Liberal Arts Psychology, Student Development PSYC 2301
Heidi Juel Liberal Arts English Department ENGL 1301, 1302
Julienne LeMond Science, Engineering, and Math Physicist PHYS 1401
Katie McClendon Liberal Arts English/Journalism; Adult Education ESL/HSE ENGL 1301, 1302
Susan Meigs Liberal Arts English ENGL 1301, 1302
Lindsey Mikash Arts, Digital Media, and Communications Art/Art History ARTS 1303
Ann Orsinger Liberal Arts Philosophy and Government PHIL 1301, 2306
Kerri Pope Liberal Arts Philosophy, Religion, and Humanities (Humanities Discipline) HUMA 1301
Thomas Samuel Science, Engineering, and Math Biology BIOL 1308, 1309, 2404
Daira Wilson Health Sciences Nursing-Associate Degree BIOL 1308, 1309, 2404

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