Payton Mellor: A new addition to the Baylor Bear family

The transition into college was initially a challenge for Payton Mellor after his plan of sailing through it fell short of his expectations, but the obstacles he faced helped him overcome the psychological barrier of creating his own path to success. Several semesters later and after finding a love for medicine, he’s ready to go after a four-year degree.

“I came to Austin Community College thinking I would be able to breeze through it, but this wasn’t the case,” Mellor remembers. “Once I learned how to overcome failure and work harder toward my goals, I was able to push through.”

Mellor will transfer to Baylor University in Waco during the spring, intending to study biology in pursuit of medical school. He graduates from ACC this month with an Associate of Science in Biology.

“I came to college and became a straight A student,” says Mellor, who earned Bs and Cs in high school. “If you believe in yourself, you can do it.”

During his time at ACC, he was able to acquire leadership skills and serve the community by joining the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. He served as the organization’s south area vice president.

“I couldn’t be more grateful,” he says. “The organization has influenced me in many ways. I have gained experience with volunteering, organizing events, and speaking in front of groups of people.”

He encourages future Riverbats to take advantage of the help that is available at the college.

“ACC has helped me reach my dreams by offering me unlimited resources,” he says. “My advice for other students is to do the best you possibly can. If you put 100 percent effort into whatever it is you’re doing, you will find reward to your efforts.”

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