Building the future with the Texas A&M-Chevron Engineering Academy at ACC

They’re getting the attention of major auto companies across the world. Ford is testing them. GM is beginning production, and Tesla says it will have one on the road by the end of the year.

“Driverless cars are our future,” says Jose Cancino, ACC engineering student. “I always had a curiosity for how electronics are made and machinery is built. Engineering driverless cars, that’s my dream job.”

One of 68 students enrolled in the new Texas A&M-Chevron Engineering Academy at ACC, Cancino is pursuing his mechanical engineering degree. The program, which launched this fall, allows students to pursue an engineering degree while co-enrolled at Texas A&M University and ACC.

“Both institutions are allowing me to gain useful information that I can apply to real-world problems once I graduate,” he says. “It’s already opening many doors for the future.”

The program was designed to build affordable access to A&M’s top-ranked Dwight Look College of Engineering. Students take their first two years of coursework at ACC while pursuing one of 18 majors within the Dwight Look College of Engineering.

“It isn’t easy, but it’s worth every effort,” says Cancino. “When I first started at ACC I didn’t even have a high school diploma. I had to earn my GED. From there I took college prep courses, and now I’m co-enrolled at ACC and Texas A&M. I know as long as I work hard things will fall into place.”

Once he graduates, Cancino wants to work to improve self-driving cars and car safety.

“My goal is to leave society in a better place.”

For more information, visit Texas A&M-Chevron Engineering Academy at ACC.

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