ACC graduate motivating change as vice president of Collegiate DECA

Austin Community College (ACC) business alumnus Joshua Koshy is learning a great deal about leadership since taking on the role of vice president of Collegiate DECA.

“I have had the honor to serve alongside an incredible team who has taught me the value of compromise and setting long-term goals,” says Koshy. “These traits allow me to succeed and bring a fresh perspective to both my career and academic journeys.”

As vice president, Koshy serves as an advocate for the community college experience.

“The most valuable asset at ACC are the people,” Koshy points out. “The interactions I had each day with those individuals, including professors reshaped my world view, forced me to take my academic journey seriously, and showed me what truly matters in life.”

A transfer student himself, Koshy now works with ACC students to help them navigate the transfer process.

Koshy transferred from ACC to the University of Texas at Austin where he is pursuing a public relations degree.

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