Spring 2023 Graduation Spotlight: Meet Ariel Soliz-Washington

Congrats Grads!

Austin Community College District (ACC) celebrates more than 2,740 graduates at its spring 2023 commencement ceremony. This commencement ceremony marks the college’s 50th anniversary.

Friends and family are invited to congratulate students Friday, May 12 at the H-E-B Center in Cedar Park.

One of those students is Ariel Soliz-Washington. She came to ACC through support from the college’s partnership with Capital IDEA, which provides personalized assistance and support to eligible students. She will be graduating as a registered nurse. Hear more about her story below.

Written by: Ariel Soliz-Washington

Ariel Soliz-Washington, Spring 2023 Graduate

Tell me about your time at ACC: It initially became a tool for me to get ahead in university. Then, it became my choice of where I wanted to pursue my education in nursing. The Accelerated Nursing Track program has not been easy. Going through instructors that weren’t the most helpful in guiding my education or having to give updates on the program at the last moment are things that I had adapted to through the program. By leaning on God, my friends, and my family for support and being in the Capital IDEA organization, I could persevere and see the end of the finish line!

How does it feel to be graduating: It’s a surreal feeling! I graduated from high school and from a cosmetology program, and my years in university were either not going to be used, or I had chosen the wrong path. Now, I will cross that finish line and graduate from a college program. Being a first-generation college student and accomplishing this is a big deal in my family!

What was your favorite part of ACC: I am so grateful to have met my friends and have the community and connection that I do through the nursing program! We are like a big family, and encouraging each other and not feeling alone in this has been a blessing.

Any faculty or staff you want to recognize supporting you: Professor Levy, Professor Latham, Professor Hamade, and Professor Jackson all have a special place in my heart. Through each stage in this program, they have played an important role for me in guidance and making this experience a lot easier. 

What is next for you: I want to pursue my BSN degree after getting into a great work routine, as I have acquired a position with Dell Seton starting in June. This is just the beginning!

What would you tell someone considering applying for college: Everyone is different in what they’re walking through when deciding whether or not to go to college. Personally, through my life experience, I have loosened my harder stance of going to college immediately after high school for other people. ACC is a special place because it offers trade programs and a wider variety of possibilities for someone unsure. Make sure that you are researching colleges, and make sure the resources you’re anticipating using are available for you. Financial Aid, scholarships, and programs like Capital IDEA serve as a tool to relieve the financial challenge that some people face that may be holding them back from pursuing college. If you’re considering applying and going to college, I say do it!

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