A lifetime of support: ACC experts explore benefits for Riverbat alums

ACC Graduates get lifetime support through Alumni Network

Austin Community College District (ACC) experts share how ACC alums get support through the ACC Alumni Network. 

Written by: MaryAnn Cicala, Alumni Relations Director, Marcelo Urieta Bravo and Arturo Salinas, ACC Alumni Network Advisory Council

You can access various resources and benefits through the ACC Alumni Network as an ACC alum. Whether you’re looking for career support, networking opportunities, or continued education, the ACC Alumni Network offers something.

  • Network Strategically: ACC has a strong tradition of producing leaders in Central Texas, and ACC is very proud of our alumni. We have former students who are elected officials and public servants, non-profit leaders and business owners, internationally acclaimed filmmakers and entrepreneurs… and even a NASA Flight Surgeon who led the medical operations for the International Space Station! However, finding a job requires time, a strategic approach, and resources. Focus on building connections with alumni who work in your field or have similar career goals. Make the most of your connections by joining the ACC Alumni Network Group on Linkedin, and be sure to take full advantage of life-long access to ACC Career Services.
  • Take Advantage of Continued Education: The ACC Alumni Network curates a variety of continued education opportunities, including workshops, seminars, and online courses that are promoted in the monthly newsletters and on the Facebook page. Take advantage of these resources to develop new skills and stay up-to-date on industry trends. ACC also provides access to library resources, including online databases and research tools. This can be especially helpful for alumni pursuing continued education or research projects.
  • Build Your Personal Brand: In today’s job market, having a strong personal brand is essential. Use the ACC Alumni Network to build your brand through social media, online community, and other platforms. One way to do this is to leverage ACC’s 50th Anniversary Story Project to share your personal journey story and inspire others to chase their DREAM! Learn more about how to capture your story virtually or in person today.
  • Discounts and Perks: Check out all the discounts in your Riverbat Perks. As an ACC Alum, you can access discounted car, home, and health insurance rates. We have access to pet, travel, disability, or long-term care insurance, which can be particularly useful if you want a bundled deal. And if you don’t have benefits from your employer or are starting a business of your own, a group plan on these financial services can ensure you get the coverage you need. And don’t forget all the money you can save with alumni discounts on movie tickets, amusement park fees, and retail and restaurant establishments, and can seriously cut down your entertainment budget.
  • Build Community: Perhaps most importantly, your Alumni Network provides a sense of community and connection to the college. Staying connected with your alma mater helps you feel a part of something bigger than your own personal and professional pursuits. One example of this is the growing alumni-owned business directory. Whether you’re looking to find a business, support a fellow Riverbat, grow your professional network, or spread the word about your products and services, you can find it all in ACC’s new alumni-owned business network.
  • Be Grateful: Finally, don’t forget to thank the ACC community that helped you get where you are today. Thanking those who helped you along the way can help you maintain and strengthen those relationships. Find out how to get more involved by filling out this Alumni Network Volunteer Engagement survey.

Following these expert tips can maximize your ACC alumni benefits and stay connected to the ACC community throughout your career. To learn more about the resources and benefits available, visit the alumni website at alumni.austincc.edu.

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