ACC Blog: What Healthcare Career Is Right for Me?

ACC’s Emergency Medical Service Professionals (EMSP) and Nursing programs run a scenario to provide multi-departmental real-world training to their students at the Highland Campus. Students from the EMSP program arrive on the scene and treat a patient before transporting them to a mock emergency department in the ACC Health Simulation Center, where nursing students treat the patient.

Demand for healthcare professionals continues to grow across Central Texas. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, an aging population, the growth of healthcare IT, and a healthcare provider shortage have all made the healthcare sector one of the largest sources of new jobs.

Learn 5 reasons why a career in healthcare could be exactly what you’re looking for: 

  1. Make a promising salary: The median wage for healthcare professionals is higher than the median wage for all professions: $75,040 compared to $45,760, according to the BLS.
  2. Learn skills that are in high demand: Healthcare expertise is in high demand. The nursing shortage is one example; hospitals, clinics, and public agencies have been struggling to hire enough nursing staff.
  3. Find a place where you can care for others: Doctors and nurses speak about the rewards of caring for others as a top reason to become a medical professional. 
  4. Have a unique day every day with interesting work: Working in healthcare can always be interesting. Medical device development, cybersecurity, the role of AI in healthcare, and healthcare data analysis are all promising healthcare fields.
  5. Feel confident with job security:  Highly secure healthcare jobs include nurse practitioner, occupational therapy assistant, and medical health services manager.

Want to learn more? Check out the full blog post here. The post looks at all the ACC Health Science programs, plus expectations for a career in healthcare.

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