Navigating the transfer process: ACC student capitalizes on college resources

Jack Munro, ACC Transfer Student

Using the resources Austin Community College District (ACC) offers can be the key to reaching your educational goals. For transfer student Jack Munro, that support was critical.

“You have the proper resources to transfer anywhere. My transfer specialist, Victor, was vital to my success. Every time we spoke, it was clear he cared and was invested in me. He wasn’t naive but always had faith.”

Jack came to ACC to pursue a degree in Economics. His time at the college provided the opportunity and flexibility to go to school on his schedule.

“The multiple campuses around Central Texas are super helpful and convenient. The flexibility of online and in-person classes let me stay on track. I was able to attend transfer panels and get my questions and concerns answered. The aid in the transfer process is invaluable.”

After being accepted to several four-year institutions, including Rice University, he chose to transfer to the University of Texas at Austin in fall 2023 to stay close to home.

“I can finally rest easy knowing where I am transferring. It is such a relief. Your circle is everything. It isn’t always about what you know but who you know and learn to communicate with everyone.”

Of the students who successfully transfer from ACC, more than 70% go on to earn their bachelor’s degree within four years, compared to the state average of about 50%, according to the Texas Association of Community Colleges. A feat that will help Jack meet his goals.

“While getting my degree, I am looking forward to continuing my career as a professional pickleball player and maybe even starting a club. It will also allow me to get an internship, graduate, and start my career right here in Austin.”

The college continues to work to streamline the process and reduce credit loss. ACC has articulation agreements with more than 60 universities and maintains its recognition as the No. 1 college in Texas for transfer student success, according to The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB).

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