ACC Experts: Getting the Best View for Your Home

When looking to buy your future home, deciding on what you want for a view can impact several factors. Austin Community College District (ACC) experts share tips on what you should know.

Written By: Job Hammond, ACC Real Estate Professor

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What are the top three benefits of having a view (skyline, water, mountain, park)?

Homebuyers will have various options when purchasing a house that meets their needs and budget. A place with a view can enhance privacy, lighting, and offer a spacious feeling for those who live and visit the house. Homeowners are attracted to various types of views, including the city skyline, mountains, golf course, park or open greenspace, or water views. While views such as water or park may seem ideal, buyers should consider that these recreational activities may bring unwanted noise during certain times. Individuals are attracted to all types of views. The best view type will depend on the homeowner’s preferences, needs, and budget.

What is one unexpected challenge or cost that homeowners should anticipate on a waterfront property?

Homeowners with waterfront properties with views of a lake, river, or ocean have some of the finest experiences in living. While waterfront homes can be a dream come true, unexpected costs such as flood and homeowners insurance can become a nightmare for buyers. Waterfront homes will often require both flood insurance and higher cost insurance premiums due to the risk of natural disasters and storms. Climate change will continue to enhance the risk of floods, rising sea levels, and other weather-related events on those who own waterfront property. Localities must be proactive in their management of flood risk to reduce risk within their communities.

Is a scenic view worth the extra cost? Why or why not? How might it impact the home’s resale price?

A house with a scenic view provides a better living experience at a higher cost. If the view leads to a better quality of life with more substantial productivity, then the price may be worth it. Buyers willing to sacrifice house size, location, or condition can trade up for a desirable view. The decision to purchase a view house will be vital as it will be priced higher than a similar house without a view. Homes with scenic views tend to appreciate faster than those without them. Look into local zoning rules to determine if the view may be obstructed with future development. Ask your local REALTOR® how much value the view would add to the resale price, as it may be worth the cost.

What is one way a homeowner can mimic the effects of a scenic vista and bring the beauty of nature or the city into their home?

Only some have the budget to purchase a house with a view. Still, homeowners can mimic the effects of a scenic vista by using design to bring a sense of the outdoors inside. Homes with open floor plans and large windows will provide natural light and a connection to the outside. Use design elements, including earth tones, raw materials, and indoor plants, to inspire the feeling of the outdoors inside the comfort of your home.

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