ACC Welcomes New and Returning Students for Fall 2023: Meet Lorenzo Celli-Vargas

As students head back to the Austin Community College District (ACC) classroom, the college celebrates students at all different parts of their educational journey.

Meet Lorenzo Celli-Vargas, a nursing student who is persisting to complete the final year to earn his degree.

“It feels good to be coming back! My professors are passionate about what they teach, enriching my experience. I am eager to learn and looking forward to participating in the Associate Degree Nursing Student Association as one of the co-presidents.”

Lorenzo is working towards completing his associate degree in the spring 2024 and enrolling in ACC’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing program.

“I chose ACC because it was affordable and an option to get a bachelor’s in the degree I wanted to pursue. It has been great to take my courses at the Eastview Campus.”

ACC’s partner, Capital Idea, is helping Lorenzo reach his goals. 

“The opportunity to have my education covered and the support I receive from Capital Idea has been a gift. I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn and the chance to pursue the career I have dreamed of because of Capital Idea. I am so grateful for the support I receive from everyone who has been a part of my life.”

Lorenzo began taking dual credit courses in high school, a path he encourages other students to take to get ahead.

“If you plan on pursuing college and are still in high school, take as many classes at community college as you can! I have heard countless times from individuals who have attended four-year universities that they wish they had saved money and transferred credits from a community college.” 

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