Fall 2023 Graduation Spotlight: Meet Michael Deitrich

More than 3,700 students were invited to Austin Community College District’s fall 2023 commencement ceremony. Friends and family will join these grads as they prepare to walk the stage Thursday, December 7, at the H-E-B Center in Cedar Park.

Meet Michael Deitrich, a career changer who will graduate this semester. Michael was a welder who felt apprehensive about continuing his education. After committing to changing his future, he got started at ACC. This fall, he will earn two degrees: General Studies in Pre-Health Science and General Studies in Science. 

Michael plans to transfer to the University of Texas Health Science at San Antonio to earn his bachelor’s degree.

Learn more about his ACC journey and the support he received to complete his degree.

Tell me about your time at ACC

My time at ACC was everything I needed to rekindle my academic passions. I learned to be more consistent with my studies, finding a routine that prioritizes hard work as well as balance. 

I also grew as a person by continually pursuing harder challenges, allowing me to build on increasing confidence. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with my experience and am genuinely excited to go into the next stages of my academic and professional career. 

How does it feel to be graduating

The commitment to start and go through the journey deserves to see a celebration at the end, even if there is another one ahead. I am always proud when I or others accomplish their goals, so this is a blessing and a symbol of this fulfillment.

What was your favorite part of ACC

My favorite part of ACC was getting to meet so many amazing people. My professors supported me, as well as my classmates, some of whom I have developed great friendships. 

What would you tell someone considering applying for college

“Footprints in the sands of time are not made by sitting down.” – Henry Longfellow 
Starting a new journey is intimidating, especially if you need a roadmap for every step. But, once you start taking small steps toward a goal and commit to yourself and your work ethic, you will soon look over your shoulder and be proud of how far you have come. My advice would be to find your ambition first —  then dedicate yourself wholeheartedly.  

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