Explore a future in health care! Meet ACC Nursing student Gabby

Explore your future in healthcare at Austin Community College District’s (ACC) annual Health Science Open House on Saturday, February 24, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Eastview Campus. Students and the community are invited to come out and explore programs that can lead to rewarding careers in healthcare.

Meet Gabby Brown, a nursing student who will graduate in December 2024. Following graduation, she wants to work as a nurse in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at Dell Children’s Hospital while coming back to ACC to earn her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. 

Learn more about her ACC journey and how it prepared her for a future healthcare career.

What interested you in the health sciences?

I became interested in health sciences because of my aunt Pam. She has been a Licensed Vocational Nurse for more than 30 years. Watching her interact first-hand with patients and create relationships with them in order to provide care in their most vulnerable times was beautiful to me. I knew that with my personality, I would one day be able to do the same for the patients in my care, because all I want to do is help them feel even a little better during their time of need. 

Why did you decide to enroll at ACC?

Before attending, I heard amazing things about the nursing program at ACC from community members, especially from nurses who have provided care for me. They boasted about the program’s integrity, how much they learned from hands-on clinicals, and how supportive yet rigorous the professors were. These factors drove my decision to enroll at ACC, and I never looked back. 

What has your experience studying health science been like? 

My experience studying health science has been a journey. We commit to long class hours and even longer clinical hours, but I have truly enjoyed every minute of it. I love learning new information about how and why our bodies go through the disease processes and changes that they do. Every class is a new bundle of information to digest, and although it’s challenging and by no means easy, it has been extremely rewarding to partake in this experience at ACC.

Why is working in healthcare important?

Working in healthcare is important to me because you are assisting someone in an extremely vulnerable state, which can be difficult for them. Healthcare workers can wear many hats, such as being therapists, patient advocates, and teachers. This is all a part of the job to ensure that your patient receives the best and most appropriate care. This is of the utmost importance because while your loved ones are in the care of healthcare workers, you hope and pray that they are doing everything in their power to ensure your loved one receives the best treatment and the highest level of respect. 

What is your favorite part about the classes you’ve taken?

My favorite part about the classes I’ve taken thus far is applying the skills I learn from them to my clinical time with patients. I love showing my patients that I confidently know how to execute things such as Foley insertions, IV starts, and even easily hanging IV medications for them. It’s amazing to instill a certain level of faith in these patients, and I will make sure to assist with their care the best way I know how as I continue learning. 

How has studying at ACC helped prepare you for your future goals?

Studying at ACC has helped me become more confident in my future as a healthcare worker. I have never had a job in the medical field, so before starting the program, I was scared that I wouldn’t excel the way I did. With the help of my instructors and clinical professors, I have gained confidence in my skills and how I communicate with patients and other healthcare personnel in the medical field. Personally, the hands-on clinical time has been the most helpful aspect of the program. It helps you as the student become familiar with the hospital setting and learn how to manage your day-to-day as a new nurse. 

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your experience with the health science program?

I absolutely love the ACC nursing program because, unlike other programs, you get a lot of one-on-one time with the patients. It’s very important to have this aspect. You can practice the skills you’re constantly being taught  — and are probably nervous to execute — in an environment that is open for learning and guidance. I love learning new methods and tips that will stick with me throughout my new nursing journey to help make my future experience more stress-free. I’m extremely appreciative of all the resources and assistance the instructors provide because they do everything in their power to see their students succeed. 

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