Guidelines and Eligibility

ACC General Guidelines for Internships:

  • A one-semester work experience that coincides with the academic calendar

    • Fall Semester: August – December

    • Spring Semester: January – May

    • Summer Semester: June – August

  • May be paid or unpaid

  • Students work approximately 200 hours to earn 3 credit hours (varies by department and program)

  • Students work for a minimum of 10 weeks Fall/Spring and 6 weeks Summer

  • Students have a site supervisor who monitors and evaluates work performance

  • Internships include an academic component supervised by a ACC faculty member (known as a faculty sponsor) who monitors and evaluates the academic learning and assigns grades

  • Learning objectives, job duties and academic assignments are documented in an Experiential Learning Agreement. Interns will work toward achieving specific learning objectives

  • A performance evaluation is required at the end of the internship

  • Interns are never required to pay the employer in any form to take part in the experience (i.e. training or licensing fee)


Students must be enrolled in a supervised practicum to participate in an internship.