These modules focus on some of the elements that are important to your transition to, and success in the workplace.

There are two goals that are reinforced in these modules. They are:

  • Know yourself and your motivations that play a part in your career goals

  • Develop key tools and skills for job-seeking

Learning objectives on the path to achieving those goals are:

  1. Demonstrate an increased level of capability to describe personal characteristics and motivations.

  2. Identify the format of resume that best fits your personal experience and skills.

  3. Construct a resume that highlights your personal experiences and skills.

  4. Identify key elements of job interview dynamics.

Let’s get started by watching a video featuring Clark Shaffer from the Office of Cooperative Education and Internships on the benefits of internships and how these modules with assist you in your successful transition from college to the workplace.

Additional Career Prep Modules are listed below:

Module Two – Motivation and You

Module Three – Your Resume and You

Module Four – Interviewing and You

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