What skills can I gain?

Students build expertise in small engine fundamentals such as electrical systems, failure analysis, gear drives, tune-ups, and overhauls. Courses are open to anyone who wants to work on engines, professionally or as a hobby. Students can specialize in the following areas:

Marine Engine Repair – This specialized training for the repair and maintenance of boat and watercraft engines features in-depth work with marine engines and lower unit repairs.

Motorcycle Repair – Focusing on chassis-mounted two- and four-stroke engines, this program also includes hands-on training with motorcycle components including brakes, clutches, drive chains, transmissions, wheels, and tires.

Small Engine Repair – Widely used power equipment such as lawn mowers, weed trimmers, and chainsaws are covered in this specialty. Students learn how to perform tune-ups and chain service as well as engine and gear case overhauls.


How long will it take to get a certificate?

Each certificate requires three semesters of full-time study.


Where can I work with this education?

Technicians are in demand in a number of settings depending on a student’s area of specialization. The most common employers are equipment, watercraft, or motorcycle dealers and repair shops. Equipment rental businesses and landscape companies also employ program graduates. Local and state governments hire technicians in maintenance and repair positions as well.

How do I get started at ACC and where can I find out about financial aid?

Visit ACC’s future student’s page for admissions information. The financial aid page has links for eligibility and applications.

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