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Section 1: The Importance of Assessment

What can I do to prepare before I test?

  1. FREE practice materials for the TSI Assessment.  You can practice using the web or the app on any smartphone or tablet and get immediate feedback on your performance. To access the app, go to https://accuplacerpractice.collegeboard.org/login. To practice online go to https://tsia2.pearsonperspective.com/perspective/ and click on “Enter Student Site”.
  2. Go to an ACC Learning Lab – there is one on every campus to help students!  They can help you succeed and practice with their tutors in English, Math and more.  Plus they have software to help you practice.
  3. Enroll in a College Prep Program – ACC’s College Prep Program is a free 10 to 12 week program that helps students strengthen their academic skills and prepare for the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) college-readiness assessment.