ACC Photo Students receive top honors while competing at this years Texas Professional Photographers Annual Print Competition.

The Photographic Technology Department would like to congratulate our students that recently participated in the 2015 Texas Professional Photographers Summer Conference in Conroe, Texas. The PHTC 2343 Portfolio Development class is our capstone course and is attended by advanced or graduating students.

Students submit photographs to the TPPA annual image competition, competing alongside state and regional professional and masters of photography. Out of the 29 trophies awarded, our students received 7 of the top honors and 2 distinguished print ribbons, an exceptional accomplishment.

The winning categories were:
President’s Theme Trophy: Maja Buck “Bound for Nimh”
Best Portrait of a Woman: Maja Buck “Miss Havisham”
Best Photograph by a Student: Maja Buck “Miss Havisham”
Best Master Artist by a Student: Valerie Steinkoenig “My Sweet Angel”
Best Illustrative Scenic: Ellen Yeates “Yosemite Valley View”
Best Illustrative by a Student: Maja Buck “Bound for Nimh”
Best Illustrative Architecture: Ellen Yates “Twilight in Austin”
Distinguished Print Ribbon: Maja Buck “Momento Mori”
Distinguished Print Ribbon: Andrew Dominguez “Parts of Sally”
Students in attendance were:
  • Maja Buck
  • Andrew Dominguez
  • Leonid Furmansky
  • Payam Golshan
  • Meagan Hurley
  • Jennifer Klanika
  • Victoria Leonardo
  • Carla Lowrey
  • Marjorie Rodriguez
  • Carlos Salazar
  • Rachel Scott
  • Lacey Seymour
  • Tomi Shalifoe
  • Valerie Steinkoenig
  • William Taylor
  • Christi Thornton
  • Emerson Walter
  • Ellen Yeates


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The Summer 2015 classes were led by professors, Kathryn Watts-Martinez, Sean Perry and William Woodhull.
We welcome sharing more of our students award winning images with you at our website: