Conceived and founded by Frank Curry with Sean Perry, Tom Grant, William Woodhull and Kathryn Watts-Martinez, we established ACCMe Studio in January 2015 as a student run, commercial photography studio operating within the Department of Photographic Technology.

Now in our fourth month, ACCMe has completed projects for Culinary Arts, Visual Communications and just recently, the Dance department. Photographing dancers can be challenging for both the photographer and the performer – the sets need to be larger, the lighting needs to be able to freeze the action, and special flooring must be in place to absorb the energy of the leap. Our team built a “sprung floor” that allowed for dynamic jumps while making the performance safe for the dancers.

It has been a fantastic spring session for ACCMe, we will eagerly reconvene for the fall semester. Applications will open in August, we look forward to seeing your best! Please say hello at the upcoming Picture Review May Fair on Saturday, May 16th – we will be showing our work and have crafted a dazzling photo-booth to celebrate. See you there!

Warm Regards,

ACCMe Studios.