Babak_Aryan150When Babak P. Aryan was a little kid he saw the photographs that his father had taken. His dad’s images of people and places from different countries and times inspired Babak’s photography. He received a BA in Mathematics in 2006 then worked for a few years in the computer field. In 2010 he emigrated from Iran to the US where he started learning photography at Austin Community College. He wants to travel around the world to capture special moments. He loves photography, which is how he best expresses himself.

“I began studying photography at Austin Community College with only minimum experience. I am so thrilled that now after two years of hard work here, my photographs have been selected and published across the country, in more than ten galleries and international competitions. I have grown and been influenced by knowledgeable, dedicated instructors and the best equipment anyone could hope for. The experience of being a student in the Photographic Technology Department has been wonderful, I am realizing my dream.”








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