Maja_Buck_02I was born and raised in southern California. Initially, I attended a local community college to get a certificate in the graphic design program with the hopes that it would provide better job opportunities. While there I took some art classes and a photography course. I fell in love with photography. One of my art instructors and my photo instructor encouraged me to go further with my education. With their help I continued on. I became the first in my family to graduate college with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art.  Afterwards, I began to work in an unrelated field to support my family. I moved to Austin Texas in the summer of 2010. That December, my husband bought me my first DSLR for Christmas. He knew I would be much happier pursuing my creative passion. With his encouragement, I left my job and enrolled in the photo program at Austin Community College.

“The photo program has taught me so much! It has helped me understand many technical aspects of photography, from how to use my camera, how to manage digital data, how to use imaging software, how to use studio lights & gear and so much more.  Without any of these skills I wouldn’t have been able to make the pictures I do.”

After graduation Maja plans to continue pursuing a career in photography focusing on fashion and film.





Ocean Breathes Salty



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