The Picture Review Team were delighted to recently host the remarkable and forever generous Ms. Elizabeth Avedon for, “How I Look at Photographs, a conversation with Elizabeth Avedon & Sean Perry.”

Ms. Avedon spoke about her favorite projects and pictures, including Mike Brodie, Deborah Luster, Vivian Maier and many others. Also her substantial work and background on designing and editing for both the wall and the page In The American West, by Richard Avedon and the grande fashion images in, Avedon: Photographs, 1947-1977.

She shared her thoughts and wisdom on design, editing, sequencing – how we connect with certain images and working with large groups of photographs. The Picture Review mentors are currently traversing through Edition One submissions and we are deeply thankful to Ms. Avedon for this rare opportunity. Follow her photo-journal at

Vivian Maier: Self-Portraits was recently selected by American Photo as one of the best books of 2013 and includes Ms. Avedon’s essay, Self Portrait: My Impression of Vivian Maier. See the book here –